new years

well, we had our new years party last night, it was a blast. I am so tired, three virtually sleep free nights in a row. the added bonus is not being able to talk coherently on the phone, but still trying. oh well. last night was quite amazing, as Gabe articulated, even though he only attended via the phone, as did Stacy.
We all went out to the Jordan's house for the night, they had about 20 people sleep over, at least. maybe more, but it was great. we ate, talked, smoked, drank 12 year old single malt scotch and enjoyed its smoothness, as well as the pretense it now affords us, played music, listened to music, talked some more, and did it all over again. It was grand. I also got to wrestle with the kids, it was great. they are a tiring bunch.
Just for Posterity, and for those who read this from afar, the bloggers who I have listen on the side who were there last night, and are a part of my church, are as follows, Thomas, Ramona, Luke, Hannah, Victoria, Avery, Jonah, Graham, Muryn, (who apparently has adopted me along with Kurt, to be their younger brother, I can barely remember why, something to do with Dave Matthews, the rack of tobacco pipes, perhaps the scotch or fly fishing I can't remember) anyways, Thomas kept on referring to me as the pasivirta-baby, not in the infant, demeaning way, but in the slang/cool way. It was fun. yes, we talked all night, apparently we orthodorks are good at having a few and then talking ourselves and each other to sleep. we finally petered out and fell asleep around 5, I think Rhiannon was up til four and got up at 7 to go to work. crazy.
Phil and I drove there together, didn't really know how to get there, but we found it eventually.
I wanted to go to the ice cream movie thing tonight, but these twelve days of christmas are so tiring, I knew I had to stay home and go to bed. so to bed I will now go. of course after staying up and eating smoked oysters, which Thomas has gotten me addicted to. I wandered over to biss and phil's to borrow a pot, so cool to live close to them. sad that sid is moving a few blocks away. still close though. okay. Happy New year, more thoughts and years best moments like I promised. sleep. sleep. sleep sheep. baaa baaa bleatingly they fly over the sky to make me sleep too.

oh, and by the way, Risen magazine, if anyone is concerned, totally sold out to the spirit of the age, the self determining seeker of truth. as if we can use our selves as an epistemological foundation, even if we think we are, we never really are.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great time Dave. That is so awesome. Happy New Years my friend

cathedral dweller said...

I hope that Risen Magazine isn't a "Christian" magazine.


I went to their website and thought I suddenly walked into Gastown.

RED said...

Yes just like hano-baby or avo-baby or..many others:D