my life is so taken care of. for a bit, I was a little worried about a payment coming out of my bank a day before I got paid, so I checked, and the direct deposit for GST refunds had taken care of the payment. It could be seen in two ways, I am absent minded, and didn;t realize I was getting that GST thing, which is true, and/or, I needed money for this payment and didn't know where it was coming from, and it was taken care of. I sometimes worry, but then I remember it is not necessary. I don't have to worry about tomorrow, just today, how I live and love today. today I get to go to church. today I set up bookshelves in my room, and they look cool and work well. form and function. sweet concrete.
I had a good talk with Stacy today, that was good too. I love knowing a large variety of people, and yet finding such a consistency among them, no matter where they are. I have spoken to people who have this thing, whatever it is, a combination of zeal for life, love and God, (all intermingled, you can't separate it) a passion for sucking the marrow out of every moment, and it manifests in different ways. I know my grammar is getting sparse and poor, but its cause I am excited about this.
This thing, it is how people come alive in so many different ways. some go to South America to love the orphans, some read books for days at a time to engage those who love books with an articulate version of Christ's love, some climb mountains, some listen and say "mhmm, mhmm" (Phil) and others bring the fire and brimstone from time to time, (Fr. L) etc etc. what the underlying thing about all of these people is that they are doing it because they can't help it, their life overflows with love, and that is how they direct it. there is the necessity of grooming certain passions towards discipline, self knowledge and patience, but that can come and will with time and good friends to point out our weaknesses for us, and our strengths. (if you don't know me well enough, don't point out my weaknesses just yet, thank you)

anyways. I have a blessed life. so do you. Lord have mercy.

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Paul said...

...And some--apparently--say "mhmm-MHMM!" (I say that, again, apparently. So I'm told by the Californians.)