got a little new music today on itunes, some arse kickin system of a down, a little trews, and snuck some avenged sevenfold from elsewhere to see if it is worth buying. all heavy on the distortion and the cymbals. soldier side. I also got something for phil for his birthday party, but we never listened to it. thats okay.

time to cook soup for tomorrow. beef vegetable melange...or something.

can;t wait for vespers.


Stacy said...

Seems I read this somewhere else and didn't understand it there either.


Simply Victoria said...

myself, i've really been enjoying sarah slean and feist these day.
good ol canadian girls.
this is purely unintentional.
fr.john and jenny were over a few years back, and after perusing our cd collection, fr.john mentioned that it was chock full of canadian artists, and did we realize this?
we didn't. hmm. it's nice to realize you were a patriot and didn't even know it. or perhaps it's more than that...