I think I have the best life ever. one day I will count how many blog posts start like that, and then I will know it for sure.

things that help me know I am blessed and loved.

People who care enough to correct me in a way I can hear and be humbled by but not shamed by my shameful actions.
Church. everything, absolutely everything about it.
Igumen John Scratch.
people I can waste time with, and be at peace in their silence.
people I can talk with for hours about nothing and everything.
people who teach me about grace without meaning to.

Thank you.


Magdalen said...

I love that most of the things that you're grateful for are people, in one way or another. People are so perfect in their imperfection.
Hey, kiss of peace, bro. I'll make sure I exchange that with you in real life when I get home, but this will have to do for now. Please, forgive me.

Matthew Francis said...

I love the shot of that gorgeous lake reflecting the trees.

And that one of you and Dan is pretty enjoyable too.

Looking forward to seeing you when we come out soon... (in the next month or something).