good week.

okay fine.

So, Jesse Dan and I are sitting here, having smoked our pipes, had a wee dram of 12 year old glenlivet, and spoken of most of the important words and ideas to spoken of. Fr. Gregory and the brothers, humility and the unfortunate making of, women, church in general and specific, music, choir, various philosophical moments, political angsts, friends,

I visited the monastery in Gibsons, it was great. I spoke with them about Papa John, it was great.

I also had a great conversation today about the nature of belief and its import for choral singing in the professional realm.

I have been blessed with some good work this week, I was paid to ride the ferry and write my thesis today, I got some good work done.

I have also had a few good talks, emails etc that allowed for humble pie and the realization that my decisions really are my responsibility. I have to take responsibility for my actions. wow. I am an adult. yes sir.

and I recorded vespers at the monastery, it was great. I finally rode my bike and got some exercise, which was nice, and long in coming.


churchmouse said...

You just can't stay away, can you...

no objections here. post away. it's nice to read you.

Graves said...

Yeah, it's nice to read you. I'm super tired right now and I'm starting to see things, but you still make me smile. Yay for hanging put with the guys! Give them my love.

Paul said...

HEY!!! It wasn't Jesse, Dan and you, it was Jesse ME and you!

Gee, make me look antisocial or something. What, did I go to bed early and tell you all to be quiet or something? The nerve!

Some people!

How do you like that? See if I ever buy you a dozen Timmy Ho's doughnuts again! See if I let you use my prayer book for evening prayers! See if I ask you to bring me a hagis.

Peace out.

It's because I don't have a beard, right?