yes, many highlights, weddings included, forthcoming. first however, some thoughts.

Speaking with a priest recently, we were watching the canucks take another beating over at Fr. Michaels house, he said something in regards to becoming a priest, generally, for anyone, that one should make it hard for God and easy on yourself.
I think that works and should apply to everything, Marriage, Priesthood, moving, making big decisions of any kind. I mean, they are all inherently risky and should be done in fear and trembling regardless, but I like what he said.
Something so large and so weighty should not be done in haste, years must go by with that in mind, but at the same time it must be not looked at as the purpose to our lives. I have often lived in the future, 'soon I will...', 'one day...' but like in matthew 6. Don't worry about tomorrow. sure, we can't ignore it, but we have to be content and fully alive in the moment. I look outside, stand or sit, and I breathe, life giving air, eat food that is a blessing from and for God. talk to a friend and see the image of Him, hear the voice of God speaking to me through a caring question 'should you be doing that?' when I wouldn't listen to the same question in my head that was not audible. It is now we live for, eternal life is right now, don't miss it. yesterday was heavenly, and so is today, and tomorrow too, but we don't live for tomorrow, we life in love right now.
I beg for self-control, humility and self-knowledge so I stop hurting others, so I can love purely. and what does it all mean? it is a response to love. I am loved by Christ through his body. I know God because I know people who do, and I am touched by Him through them, through His mystery(ies).
what do I live for? what do I try to live for. relationships that push us upwards.
sometimes there is fear of the unknown, not tomorrow, but am I right now doing something I ought not? perhaps the question is the answer.

yes, weddings were also a highlight, I think I was at 5 this year, in 2.


biss said...

"...one should make it hard for God and easy on yourself."

I fail to comprehend the meaning of this statement. Care to elucidate?

RW said...

I also am not sure what you meant or what Fr. Michael meant...

But your words on living in the present moment ring true... I have worked very hard and I still must work at not living for the future but to be present to the situation and those around me at any given time.

When I was living in the monastery ... I likened it to always looking forward to see if I was going to receive any mail.... did anyone write to me... instead of just focusing on the life in the community because that is where I chose to be at the time.

Dan said...

Perhaps I can 'translate' the comment by Fr Michael, since I was also there with him (hope you don't mind Dave, but I would also have been confused had I not been there!). Father Michael was suggesting that we should not be too hasty in interpreting particular circumstances as God's calling into the priesthood. We should resist, ignore, delay, until we are absolutely sure that God is calling us. Most people who 'feel' called probably should not be in the priesthood. He WILL get through to us if He really wants us to be there.

As a side note, Fr. Michael's comments remind me of the many saints throughout history (e.g. St. John Chysostom, St. Ambrose of Milan) who resisted God's calling into the priesthood/bishopric because they did not seek positions of authority or power. Saint John Chrysostom, for instance, was led outside of Antioch, kidnapped, and forced to become Patriarch of Constantinople. In his humility, Chrysostom did not seek positions of importance; however, such a humble person was exactly who needed to take the vacant bishopric and reform Constantinople. I believe that stories such as these illustrate Father Michael's point well.

Another (slightly humourous) story also provides a good example of why some people should ignore what they believe to be God's 'callings'. I remember reading on the OCA web page an ironic question by someone who felt 'called' to the priesthood, but was an atheist or, at least, a 'skeptical agnostic'! Of course I cannot judge whether or not God actually was calling him, but I think we would all agree that this individual has a little bit of work to do before he accepts such a calling!

RW said...

Alright then, that totally makes much more sense to me, thanks Dan.

It goes along the same line as those who want to enter monastic life knock on the door of the community but are turned away several times before being allowed to enter.

Simply Victoria said...

missed you at the wildemans tonight, did you eventually make it?
it was good.
but we'll run into you at one of these gatherings eventually, I'm sure...(nudge, nudge, wink, wink... you are coming to our new years day shindig, n'est-ce pas?)
(kurt heard you were at the gorge this past summer to see dmb, and has found a whole new respect for you, he was hoping to run into you tonight:)