Merry Christmas

well. I am here. So is our God. with us. we had a beautifully restful and feastful day yesterday. we are having 12 days of feasts, like we ought to. the 12 days of christmas. a party every day. go to spruce Island to see the schedule. Its not totally full, but mostly. I am pretty stoked. I am hoping to work soon, so I might not make every one, but that is okay. yesterday, we had two turkeys, a variety of beverages, biss forced us to smoke our pipes in their library, it was grand.
I am here in aldergrove with Qjesse, and we have gotten to do the prayers together lately, I love having people to pray with. It is so sweet. I am so excited for bacon or sausage, we are going to go and get some bacon and eggs for breakfast. break fast. so good. So many good things have happened this year, get ready for a best moments of 2005 coming soon to my blog near you.

highlights include baptism, DMB at the gorge, sufjan in vancouver, numerous trips to seattle, cross country driving, strange blog encounters that stop being strange, a few good flicks, orthodoxy in spades, moving four times, My sister turning 20, getting an ibook, and a variety of other things. anyways. it will be good to relive the past a bit, and perhaps look ahead too. okay. thats all for this broadcast. Happy Feast! Christ is Born! Merry Christmas! and if anyone knows where my phone charger is, let me know.



Graves said...

Hi friend. Merry Christmas! I'm trying to call you even as I type this. *sigh* You've already gone, have a fab breakfast. And smile at Qjesse for me.

biss said...

don't forget my wedding!

Ed Doerksen said...

good to read your postings Dave. Good to see you made it back home. Don't forget, in 2006 you're to stop by again for r&r after you give your presentation.

again, many thanks for dropping by this year. it ment so much to see you agian. thanks.