lets see. today. hmmmm. a few things.

not that I can really call this a part of the list, its not something to include in a list. I received sad news, a girl I knew from TWU has apparently passed away. God grant her rest and mercy, I had not talked to her in a long time, and I didn't know her terribly well, but she had visited St. Herman;s a few times, and I knew her from choir. Anuhea Uchida. Lord, have mercy. Simeon called me while I was with my cousin to let me know.

The other day, I had a great talk with Jessica. we chatted about important things, and about the weather. good, comfortable. we had been emailing etc, but we hadn't talked for a bit, so I was really glad.

I have been writing a paper for a class of mine, it is exciting, but I think I am going to have to write a lot more than I need, and then sift and cut. thats okay, lots of words coming out of here.

I said this earlier, but I really hate TV. I love being here in London with my cousins, but we have too many TV's here. I need to learn self control, so I am not watching mindless reruns while I ought to read or write. I look forward to not having cable.

I was able to figure out how to fix my car stereo, it wasn't playing mp3 CD's. now it is.

hmmmm. important things. I liked Biss's post. and, an apology, sorry to jump the gun on posting on our kitchen.

Its snowing again, I wore my flip flops.

Tyson and Carolina had a baby, congratulations! and I figured out who is reading my blog that doesn't register a country.

hmmmm, new blogs to check out. Jonah Jordan, Matthew Zacharias, any others?

the canucks lost.

I know, its a list. its been a strange but good day. okay. listening to music, typing and watching the snow fall. I went to class on the phone, Its awkward, that is for sure. but thats okay.

oh, and here is my list of school related things to do. not that you care necessarily, but I thought about it and I need a place to write it down, and I look at my blog at least once a day.

-Freedom in brothers K and for the life of the world (Paper)
-close reading of rhetoric used in gay marriage debate (paper)
-research demographics of people over 50 and their involvement in church, attendance etc in USA, Britain, and Australia.
-take home final exam.
-Drive home.


elizabeth said...

i have a blog and so does KT... [click on her name] ... of course u could do the same on my name... but here it is... http://eroosje.blogspot.com/

Ed Doerksen said...

Work hard Dave. I know what you mean about TV. I have stopped watching it now, and only view the news and even then I find myself watching the news less and less.

Now that there's some snow on the ground, the park looks really nice with the lights on. Wish the lights were on in the park when you were here. Looks great.

Safe driving home Dave, wish you could visit one more time before you head for home.

biss said...

skip the other stuff. come home!