I am home!

I love vancouver. I love sufjan stevens Christmas music.

I love cereal. my mom bought me a case of soy milk.

OH! I had the strangest/coolest experience yesterday. I went to Christ The Savious antiochian church in spokane for matins yesterday, and I met some great people. Matins was about an hour, beautiful, quiet, gorgeous little church. I spoke with them for a while, talked about my thesis, talked about St. Herman's, talked about Holy Nativity, they had heard of Fr. Lawrence, and two of them, the priest and the deacon both knew Fr. Michael Gillis, which was cool. Every orthodox church I go to, someone knows someone I know. Its amazing.
Anyways, I met this guy there, and he was quite hyper-excited about church, faith etc, a classic orthodork, he grew up in the greek church, but he was excited about orthodoxy, and said something about how it was not an ethnic thing, but a faith thing, and he was excited about spreading it around regardless of nationality. that was cool. so, he said for me to come to his car, he had a CD to give me. okay, I thought, a CD, cool. a few minutes later, I put at least ten new books into my car, as many CD's and DVD's about orthodoxy. I couldn't believe it. For the second time this semester, some random new orthodox friend/mentor has laden me down with books etc. He then said come back to his office, he has another CD for me. right. more books. then he fixed my headlight, or helped me, and bought me a new light. and made me take some money. not that I fought him on that one either. it was so amazing. anyways. that isn't even the coolest news,

He said he wanted me to come back, and bring friends from church, just to visit, and then I asked him what he did for a living, and he is a property manager, he owns a tavern, and he does some investing. he is a business man.

I told him about our project, and I asked him to help us learn how to do business stuff, and he said he would help. So, a new connection, another piece of the puzzle. God is so good.

Then, I drove to seattle, and between spokane and seattle, there was the coolest thing ever. freezing fog had frozen onto every still living thing, and made it all a stark white colour, it was so gorgeous. I was listening to the beautiful christmas melodies made so homely and sometimes stark by sufjan, his aesthetic approach is so healthy, so honest and so lush.

today I get to go to church. I am so excited I am on the other side of excitement. I get excited, and hyper, but I am too excited to be able to express it, so I am just calm and overwhelmed. I am going to go and see tim and bethany now, if my Dad ever gets out of the shower.

okay. well. I am home. thank you for your prayers,


churchmouse said...

Ah, Dave,

God has been blessing you so much... Congratulations on being HOME. Zeke and I are still in the place where our old home isn't home anymore and our new home doesn't feel like home yet...

It's a privilege to belong somewhere.

Give our love to everyone there, especially at St. Herman's...

Kiss the BC ground for us...or a tree if you feel that's cleaner...

Ed Doerksen said...

Glad to see you made it home Dave. Your posting is amazing. I always enjoy your postings.

Take care Dave. Again say hi to everyone for me.

Stacy said...

Freezing fog? I've never heard of such a thing. Sounds cold.

...but beautiful.

Neo said...

Welcome back dude! See ya around.

Peace and God Bless,

Matthew Francis said...

Welcome home, Dave. Enjoy BC.

Looking forward to meeting you in person when Krista and I are out there at St. Herman's in a couple of months!

Maria said...

You're back?! That's great news and I guess I'll see you at the sing along Messiah.

Kai said...

Good to see you again David. And from now on I only want to see you behind me, standing among the choir...! Sing your lungs out to greater glory of God.

RJ said...

Glad you are home, I got home to Ottawa on Sat at around 5 pm, I was already at work at 8:30 this morning. Merry Christmas, eh?
But, I am glad you are safe, did you mail my hat?

Jessica said...

Hi David,

It was nice meeting you the other day at Christ the Savior, and I enjoyed reading your account of the morning, especially the part about Nick. He's so funny. He did the same thing when I first started coming to the Orthodox Church, loaded me down with books and CDs.

Wishing you a merry Christmas!


RW said...

It was good to have you with us on sunday again. I was glad to meet your father.

kimberley said...

Hey Dave.

It was fantastic to have you with us at Vespers. I wasn't feeling so hot-super sore throat/some kinda whiplash feeling flu, and therefore couldn't seem to summon the outward expression of jubilance I felt on the inside, of seeing you and your ragtag cardigan back in our midst.

I call your cardigan 'ragtag' in an affectionate way because my brother Matt has one that reminds me quite a bit of yours. A loveable lady that we know, who prides herself on ironing everything, told Matt one time that "it really did look bad"

we still laugh about it..

anyway, yeah thanks for coming back. we've been without one, just like you, for long enough now.

Matthew Francis said...

That's hilarious! I remember that lady. I'd imagine St. Herman's has no one who would say "It really does look bad!"

Very funny.