Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain




tyson said...

alas, hafiz again has drawn me into commenting... the love that exudes from his pen is something unmatched in our history, friend.

if we truly become light, as we are said to be made unto, everywhere we walk we will see rows and rows of roses.

the rose opened up with the light, yet hafiz lets us also know the rose was before the light revealed and encouraged. i suppose this too is our lesson. to see nothing but the beauty in what surrounds us, because though hard, being is beautiful...

Simply Victoria said...

ahhh, yet another sufi poet.
seraphim is really into rumi.
have you read him?

When we meet, I
will be drowning
beneath the diversionary desires
of all my most oblivious years...
(alex cowie)

churchmouse said...

that poem reminds me of a diptych I once envisioned but never painted (because I'm not a painter. I don't even draw!):

the first image is of a closed daisy having its petals pried open by a clumsy hand with large thumbs, and some of the petals breaking or being bruised.

the second image is of that same daisy opening spontaneously, slowly and widely in the warmth of a sun shining down on it.

It came to me when I was trying to explain to a friend that God does not force intimacy with us, though He desires it. Instead, the gentleness of His love is more powerful than force to bring us to openness, to receptiveness, to sweet and strong surrender.

I like that Hafiz poem. I think it has a lot to teach us.