Christ is Born!

Indeed, I did not end up at the wildemans, didn't even call. sorry T&R, but I will see you all at the new years bash in the wack. can't wait. I missed most of it last year, but this year I will even bring bacon for breakfast, I got some from the butcher shop.

If anyone has a 2 bedroom place in langley they want to rent out, let me know, I am going apartment hunting today.

as well, I think its time for the January installment of the years best moments.
january's highlights included Phil's birthday, becoming a catechumen, and making the St. Herman's music video, as it is affectionately known.
Oh, I am eating baklava and orange juice for breakfast. there are things about bachelorhood that are good.

here is a poem that I posted in february, but you might not have seen it then. did I mention that I love St. herman;s?

and yes, Dan explained what Fr. Michael was talking about. now I have to go and look at my thesis proposal to see how much work I have to do this week.

pray for me a sinner,


Magdalen said...

dude, you didn't post your poem.
and, is posting poetry the new 'in' blogger thing to do? Look what Hannah's created.
Way to go, kid. Lead that flock of sheep.

RW said...

We waited forever for you Dave!
Actually we didn't - we figured you were our carousing with the younger generation. No worries. We will see you on the weekend. I am so looking forward to a full night of fellowship. And breakfast. And good music. And I have a great idea.... I will tell you on Sunday.

RJ said...

Happy New Year, Buddy!