I just got the email (well, it was sent yesterday) that my thesis proposal was accepted!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited. I think I am going to go and find a way to celebrate! I think I will go to Tim Hortons or something. there is celebration for you.

I get to write a thesis, and its basically going to be an attempt at a definition of what makes music worship.

wow. I am freakout excited. eprops to Alanna for that word. yes. I am a graduate student. freakout.


(that is me being excited)

subtlety is one of the things I am learning from my spiritual elders.


Ed Doerksen said...

congratulations my friend. Good luck and work hard. Don't let it get the best of you and stay at it.

I am happy for you.

RW said...

I, too am delighted for you Dave.

Graves said...

freakout! one of my favorite human beings gets to write about music and worship. As someone with a nasty puking sickness, you have just made me smile. merci.

.....and I expect updates

Anonymous said...

congrats balding guy

Gyrobo said...

Bah! A thesis is like suntan lotion: you never know how it'll turn out in the end.

Matthew Francis said...

This is great news, Dave. I read your proposal and it looked like a lot of fun. There was one thing in it that cracked me up, though, and that was either a typo or a new book by Rene Girard I've not yet read...

"I saw STAN fall like lightning"

: )

Reminds me of when I get mixed up in Church, and am not sure whether we're singing "God" or "Lord," and so end up saying "To thee O, Gord!"

pasivirta said...

dang, matthew that totally made me laugh out loud, I do that too. I feel so blasphemous, who is Gord anyways? I know a guy who lives in mexico, he is cool, but not quite living up to the glory we have probably ascribed him. oh well.

thanks for the tip.