rain, dark clouds. warm milk. fire.

candles, too many books, phone calls to the west coast, new life to celebrate (welcome to the planet Isaiah!)

I visited my great aunt in a nursing home, she told me she just wants to go and be with our Father, I said soon enough. I played my guitar for her, and sang quietly. she is so old. I prayed for rest for her, and cried on my way home in the car, as I listened to funeral hymns, it was so beautiful. Life is so beautiful. even sorrow has a measure of joy in it. My Aunt, so old, so close to death, is so tired. doesn't have much left to do here, it seems. she can't move much, she eats and sleeps. and perhaps prays.

Old folks homes are so sad, I don't understand why we only get to live in community when we are about to die. it makes no sense. it should happen sooner than that.

I might read tonight. I will go to london in three weeks, and to ottawa next weekend. Lord Willing. to London to start my journey home. It looks like I will be home on the 17th-ish of December. we'll see.

I think I will stop in chicago, and stay with the ex-st.hermanites, the hoogendyk's. they sound cool, and invited me, so I will go. and from there? who knows.

as for thoughts on relationships, ballooning, seeing each other as children of God, and not as in relation to ourselves, well, I know its not possible to seperate ourselves and what we hope for from our actions, so I don't really know how to articulate the way it can happen, but I think it can.

I appreciate what Ramona said too, about choosing to love, and loving the one you choose. it resonates, and could provide for avoiding unneeded heartache.
I appreciate too, what Thomas said, about becoming an adult, a man, via suffering and trials. baptism by fire perhaps.

Oh, and for all you scotch connoisseurs out there, I was given a sample of 15 year old glenfiddich single malt, it was smooth and dreamy on my palette. I can't wait for christmas and some fine fellowship around fish and 'fiddich, or some other sweet divine nectar.

and yes, sadly, the canucks lost last night. it was SUCH an intense game, it was so awesome to watch. fast paced, hard fought, even some fights. it was crazy how intense it was. that dang finn, mikka kiprusoff, way too good. Alex Auld was also great, keeping the canucks in the game. next time. tomorrow night perhaps.

okay, well, if you have any more thoughts on marriage, courting, arranged marriage, adulthood, or anything like that, I am all ears.



biss said...

Oh yay! You;ll be here for
the twelve days of Christmas!
Isn't is just WONDERFUL that Isaiah is born. Oh! I am so happy.
He're part Irish, you know...And
"when Irish eyes are smiling...!"
It's a good day.

Magdalen said...

speaking of children born,
please pray for Deanna, and that her twins *won't* be born in the next few weeks.
Deanna's in the hospital on bedrest, as the birthing process had starting showing signs of being imminent. As she's only about 21 weeks along, it would not be good for them to be born just now. She will probably have to spend the rest of her pregnancy in bed. We're all just praying that her two little Christs will wait just a while longer before joining us here in the wide world. So yeah, please pray with us for her, for Peter, and for their two little ones.

"Please little Chattaways, wait just a bit longer! Like, say, about 20 weeks longer. please?"

Gabe said...

dave if your going through sask....... just tell me if you need a place to stay.

Ed Doerksen said...

hope to see you on your way to London. I know its a drop down from the 401, but if you can spare some time, it would be good to see you.

Take care Dave.