Finally, we have lots of snow on the ground.

It has been a good few days.
Spent some good time with my aunt and uncle, had coffee with one of my cool profs, my friend came over for food a few times, we ate soup a lot. I gave a lecture/led a discussion. I read.

Its funny how at the end of something, things are different. I didn't really like the people here when I got here, it took time to connect, but it turned out the people I connected with, we connected well.

My friend Robyn and I talked a lot, both of us not being from sudbury made it a little easier to connect, but whatever it was, it was good.

I had a good talk on the phone with Dan the other day, and Biss today, (and Graham you are welcome, TVP is salvation for us newbies eh?)

I have not fasted terribly well, because I am with people who are not fasting, so...I don't really know what the answer is, I will talk to Fr. when I get home, and in the meantime, continue as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there, enjoy the turkey, or the tofurkey.

I am SO excited to start my journey home. I get to go to an enlish church this weekend, SO needed.

and to clarify a point of...familial relating I guess would be the best way to say it, after that moment of tension and dissapointment between me and my Grandpa, we went for a walk in the snow, and talked about things we connected on. he told me about shooting bears when he was young, and it was great. Just like when I was young. I think it was our way of being loving, leaving that issue alone.

When I was young, I used to think everything had to be solved right now. I don't see through the glass quite as darkly as I used to. though my windshield always fogs up.

anyways, pray for a safe trip, I plan to hit up simcoe tomorrow, and then to london on saturday, and then between london and kitchener for the next two weeks. and then...home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you Dave. I hope you have a safe trip to Simcoe and to home as well. Wish I had the money, I'd go back to BC with you.

Have a good trip my friend.

jeremy and/or laura said...

hey dave,
your welcome to stop by killarney manitoba if it's on your way. we have a few extra beds...

RW said...

Wishing you a safe journey back to BC and your family at St. Hermans.

pax christi

RJ said...

I have cast you as the lead role in Hamlet at Thorneloe; you can no longer go back to BC!
Just kidding, safe drive back and good luck with your glorious (I noticed you liked that word) future; even when I am back in Ottawa you will be sadly missed. I am tearing up in the Common Room and soon Dr. Steven will accuse me of something I dont understand, so I will wish you the best.

pasivirta said...

RJ, you are so sweet. you too will be missed, but I am assuming it won't be exceedingly long before we meet again.

sadly, Mrs Rowley, I will be travelling through the states, their roads are better, gas is cheaper...though places to stay are tempting. where is killarney?
would I get to hold the baby? biss would kill me.

and thank you RW.

oh, Ed, see you tonight.

biss said...

Oooowwwhhhh.....I am so jealous just thinking about it.

kimberley said...

dave you're in ssssimcoe?!

my mom and dad were living there when i was born. i was actually born in st.catherines, while they were on holiday.

drive safe. i'm so glad you're coming back. what's your ETA?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I should be back around the 15th or so, so I won't see too many advent liturgies at St. Herman's sadly, but I will be there for the 12 days of Christmas.

Magdalen said...

re: fasting rules.
Heck, we only started the advent fast today, in my house. My Gran was staying with us, and we couldn't very well feed her lenten food.
I know, when you first begin, it's easy (or, easy-ish) to get caught up in the strictness of Orthodoxy, and we forget about the freedom.
Don't worry, God won't smite you down for breaking the fast.
I've been waiting for the lightning bolts for, oh, 20 years now. So far so good.
20 down. 50-ish to go.

oh, and drive safe.
you won't, I know, but I'll say it anyway.

jeremy and/or laura said...

killarney is 20 mins from the US. the border crossing is at st. john's or you could come thru emerson and take a brief detour on the yuckier canadian roads whilst paying more for gas...

baby holding would be included.

Anonymous said...

Dave thanks again for coming down to visit me. I really really appreciated the time together.

Thanks for explaining your faith and for the infromation that you shared and for tuning my guitar.

It was hard to watch you drive away this afternoon. The visit was way too short.

Thanks again for your friendship and for your visit and I hope that you can come again and stay longer.

See you again my friend.