it may snow today. I hope so, I can't wait for it to snow. I got a call from my uncle today, so I will probably go down and live with them in a few weeks, and then when they are gone for a week it will be me and my cousins for a week. that will be fun.
and then, the long haul back home. alanna, you should email me and tell me your itinerary for the next while, so I can see where I will be. I don't know how my trip back home will look, still deciding on the route to take. I am going to try and find people who need a ride and can share gas, so if you have any relatives looking for a ride from Ontario to Vancouver, let me know. or anywhere in between in the states.

I wonder if there are any websites that host lists of rides and people who need rides? that would be a good advertising money maker maybe.

peace friends.


Stacy said...


I was in shorts last night.

Brrrrrrr... *shiver*

Matthew Francis said...

It's cold up here. But we like it that way. That's why there's so much of the whole sauna/hot tub thing going on. One thing that the Finns do is go in the sauna and then go plunge into ice cold lakes, and then back in the sauna. The Canadian version is going in the hot-tub, and then jumping out and making "snow-angels" and jumping back in... And all this is the secret that fosters that infectious Canadian-style humour.

Simply Victoria said...

speak for yourselves!
we're on the west coast.
winter? what's winter?
ooooh, you mean all those liquid snowflakes?
sheesh. what I wouldn't do for a decent snowfall around here!
it's pretty sad when you have to pay to go tobogganing in the winter!

Stacy said...

I think the lot of you are insane.

I grew up in Kansas which has its fair share of snow. And I've had to walk to church in snow that was thigh high (when I lived in Nebraska). However, I live in Tennessee where I can survive with a heavy jacket all winter. I've become spoiled. I still get to have a white Christmas, though because I go home for the holidays. (Last year Memphis had a freak ice storm the day I was suppose to leave and I almost didn't make it home for Christmas. Thanks to the grace of fellow holiday travellers, some great airline staff, and some fancy shmoozing on my part I made my flight with 4 minutes to spare--the whole of Memphis shuts down when they see one fleck of snow... no kidding! Last year all the schools shut down at noon one day because of a chance of snow. I was happy albeit bewildered).

Talk to me in the summer when I'm dying of a heat stroke and y'all are still enjoying pleasant weather.