Finally. Saturday. I am going to help my uncle a bit, call my friend from school and we will read or something, and just be mellow. I need to read. need to read. need to read.

I watched a sudbury wolves hockey game last night, it was really fun, not quite like the NHL, but still cool. I made good soup the other day, it had coconut milk, potatoes, mushrooms, snow peas, good spices, mmmm. tasty. oh, and TVP! and lentils. a hearty winter soup.

the snow is melting. sad. oh well, it will come again on monday I think.



RED said...
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pasivirta said...

alright red, as soon as I get back, you will be there, right next to av, and maybe even your bro, though he doesn't seem to blog that much...but probably still. thanks for the comment!