the russian monk

I have been reading a chapter in the Brothers Karamazov, and it is amazing. I am so full of...I don't know what, but excitement, hyper uber joy or something. I feel like I might burst! its been a good day. I listened to this CD of liturgical music, and I think that has something to do with it. it is so beautiful. lifting my spirit or something. I can't believe I said that, but I mean it.

okay. Off to class, and then the laughing buddha. peace friends!


Simply Victoria said...

i want to buy you a t-shirt that says "Life is Good"
that's how I'm picturing you right now.
actually, i've got a great picture in my head, (i didn't have a camera on me at the time)
it's of you and luke sitting side by side during a meal at camp.
both blond. both bespectacled, and both with the craziest hair sticking north/south/east and west! he was like your mini-me that day!
it made me 'smile so much'.

Matthew Francis said...

Dave, your post about The Brothers Karamazov (my favourite novel of all time - I try to read it once a year) just compells me to mention my friends Derek and Sandra to you. They're living in St. Petersburg right now, though their from London, England. Well, they're actually both Canadians, but Derek's lived in England most of his life, and Sandra for about 10 years. Derek's working on his PhD focusing on Dostoyevski's use of the Scriptures. Sandra is also working on a PhD in Theology (a liturgical study of the significance Ascension). Anyway, they are like a brother and sister to me. Their new little son Leon is my Godson ('honourary' as they're Anglicans, and living far away I couldn't make it to his baptism). I just thought I'd mention them because of your Dostoyevski post. He is so great. His characters are like icons. Some of evil, of course, and some of such great beauty. Have you read "The Idiot"? It's amazing as well.