The Plague

well...I am on the home stretch. I will be soon travelling home, driving across the northern states. perhaps stopping in chicago, perhaps in minnesota? I don't know the distances yet. we will see. I am reading the plague by Camus right now, it is quite interesting. a large metaphor for evil in the modern era, it is ominous in both its metaphorical arena and its literal one. this bird thing they talk about. If its going to be what the theorists are saying it is, and if that comes anywhere near what this book talks about, dang.

it is cold her now. I want to go and buy chocolate with which to study. I may. the canucks are on tonight, that will be cool. I am going to visit Ed on friday, and I heard that Jeff Martin's mom passed away today. Lord have mercy. Jeff is a friend from TWU who I have not heard from in a long time. if anyone knows how to get a hold of him, let me know.His mom had cancer for a long time, I was living with him for a brief time in first year when he got the phone call, his response was fear, but also one of prayer.

before I drive across the country, I will spend two weeks in london with some relatives, my cousins are fun. I will mostly be writing papers, but I will go to an english church, which will be a sweet blessing. I talked to a roommate of mine today, who offered me a place to live in January, its kind of far from Van. though, so we'll see. Still have to talk to my rad sister and see what she is hoping for/planning.

today I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, read, played video games even. what a distraction that was. glad I didn't discover that earlier in my stay here. whoooo. war games. call of duty. such a quick addiction. I turned it off, knowing I had to read.

Oh, and if anyone wants to know about the best christmas meal ever, ask me about the finnish ham. its GLORIOUS!


MommaKim said...

Albert Camus....I love Camus; a very interesting Algerian. But I really dislike rats...

RW said...

My favourite Camus is the the Myth of Sisyphus and how grandly he shows the futility of pushing the rock up the mountain only to have roll down and have to push it up again. Laundry is like that in my house. Seriously. You think I am being lighthearted but I can tell you my friend I am not.

kimberley said...

hey dave, if you're crusing through Chicago, maybe you could check in our Elise and Isaiah... and uh...stow them covertly and bring them back with you. we'd like that alot. if it's not too much trouble.

kimberley said...

cruising or crusing, your preference

Anonymous said...

Dave, there is snow here and lots of it. I won't know until later tonight, but the swim meet at McMaster university may be cancelled. I'll let you know this evening sometime.

Anyways, there is much snow here and you should be pleased with that.

I haven't read Camus so you'll have to clue me in some. Right now I'm reading a fictional history of England entitled Sarum by Edward (good name)Rutherford.

Can't wait for summer though. Sorry but I dislike, no I hate snow.