ottawa pt 3

So, I am in Ottawa, I saw zeke and cheryl, and was blessed by Father Lawrence, and will ask the Bishop tomorrow for his, I am so excited to be here so many cassocks and habits wandering around with people in them. the people usually make me smile, because they are usually smiling. The kids I played with a while ago, Fr. John Scratch's grandkids, are so cute, they asked about me, whether or not I was going to come and play with them. It makes me want to go to the kids store and pick up a few of my own. of course I know I am naive and only see them when they are cute and giggly and bubbly and cuddly, but dang, it still gets me.
It is good to be here, its a taste of home, and a breath of fresh air. Going to the greek church is difficult. life is too, but this seems unnecessarily difficult.
I went out with my friends from school last night, it was a good time. we always talk about truth and interpretation, and I of course cannot shut up about church, but they listen and are interested. and then another pitcher showed up, and another. yes, I think fun is what it was called. anyways, suffice it to say I am looking forward to sleep. I hope you all at the retreat are doing well and having fun and learning lots, bring me back wisdom!

zeke and I made hummus. its good to see them. I listened to a fun song today by the pink martinis. I know, it sounds a little fluffy, but its good. clever french lounge music, sung very well.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Pink Martinis.

Magdalen said...

I had a pink martini last night. A Cosmopolitan. Yum. Extremely girly.
Oh wait, I suppose you're talking about music of some kind. hm.

Paul said...

Boo to needing a Xanga site to post comments on your other blog!! And I even had gone through and corrected all your verb conjugations. I would have created an account, but Jesse's computer (aka the Askesis Machine) is teaching me about subverting my will to do that right now. Blessed, blessed Askesis Machine. Wanna bath you stupid computer? How bout going skydiving out my window?!


You know a cool work is "yutno." I liked that one. And I would have commented, except... well, see above.