I loathe the national student loans center. they are disorganized, red tape flinging, typical gomery-ish money grabbing pieces of trash. for the second month in a row, they took all the money out of my bank account, and I AM IN SCHOOL! you would think that after three faxes, and that they received the fax TWO weeks ago, they would have updated my account. no. still taking my money. JKLKKLJJKL:JKL:JKL:JH&IORP DFHS^&N*()SBTDVBASDT VI^&T GB< SDFJNILNILNILR&*)^JN*(#$P&C*(P$&N() *************yhuhfkldjhd;lfkj ;jfo;diasf paoiu:IH:DFHOLUFPO.

thats all I have to say about that. I want to fight. but I managed to express my anger calmly, and not be stressful to the girl on the phone. I wanted to swear and shout, but I was calm. thank God. as if the world needs more stress.


Paul said...

Dude! That's awful! So, are they going to fix it this time? Did you manage to talk to someone who knows something? I am with you in hating the NSLSC. They are the collective devil.

Boo to them.

Ed Doerksen said...

Dave: there are a number of ways in dealing with this group of people. The first is the avenue that you took, the second is to advise the university what is going on, the third is to phone or see in person who is the provincial representative for the Sudbury riding, and the fourth is to see the member of federal parliament for the same riding and your riding in BC.

If all these avenues fail, then you tell your story to CTV, CBC, and Global networks, as well as the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. Trust me, these avenues work. I have done it with other problems and it works.

Good luck my friend. I am sure that you will solve this problem. Oh yes, you never tell the NSLSC who you are going to see or talk to.

biss said...

Why don't you tell them who you are going to see and talk to? I have told Telus and BC Hydro and I got great results from Telus, and begrudging results from Telus.
I do not use Telus at all, now, just so ya'll know.
But I do use Hydro. Mmmm...warm.
Plus, it wasn't Hydro's fault. It was Goldie's.

Ed Doerksen said...

Biss, in Ontario its better not to let the other person know you're going higher.

biss said...