Mummo Pasivirta

I am looking forward to fasting, but I wish I was at St.Herman's. it will be good to be home. I know I posted this earlier, but with my new format, I am going to talk about it again. I visited my Grandma's grave today. It was beautiful, a cedar tree is growing nearby, and it was bitter cold and blowing snow. a beautiful moment though, good to see her, and talk to her. The stone said in big letters PASIVRTA, and it was interesting to know that she had been responsible in so many ways for so much of who I am. my identity is wrapped up in her, the choices she made, so much of it is my tacitly affective history. she knit a wool-ish blanket for me, I love it. she used to make us pulla, a finnish coffee bread, and she babysat me while Tessa was born. I remember watching MASK the cartoon, and being sad she was a girl, but I love her, I couldn't have a cooler sister. So, I visited my Grandmother today, it was beautiful and cold, it was a strong day, full of life and death. memory eternal.


Stacy said...

Damn David you're making me want to cry and it's still before breakfast.

RW said...

We look forward to seeing you at St. Hermans. You will be back with us before you know it.

I am glad that you had the time to spend with your grandmother.

Matthew Francis said...

So you're Finnish, eh, Dave! That's great. Are your Finnish ancestors Lutheran or Orthodox? I've always thought Finland was so interesting for having roughly 50/50 of each faith.

Gabe L. from St. Herman's is half-Finnish, and his mom makes these incredible Finnish pancakes. I've been trying, unsuccessfully for like ten years to get it as it's a very closely guarded secret... you don't know any Finnish pancake recipes do you?

pasivirta said...

the secret code is 3,2,1.

3 eggs
2 milk (cups)
1 flour (cup)

a little salt, and a little vanilla too. salt is SO important, but just a bit.

you have to play with the temperature on the stove to get it just right, but if you use butter and have the temperature on medium high, and let the pan warm up properly, you can have pancakes with the crispy edges. these are runny and thin, like crepes, only better.

yeah, I think I knew that about Gabe, I sort of remember talking about that with him.

yes, I think I might have orthodox ancestors, I don't know for sure though, but they came from an orthodox region. the people I live with here suggested that I was returning to my roots, they are distant relatives of mine, and the guy knows a bit about the local history of my family in finland.

yes, the pancakes are great, I haven't mad them in forever, and now that it is fasting time, well. christmas morning maybe!