London On

I am in London, I visited Ed in simcoe, after driving through heavy snow all day friday, it was so fun. I love the snow. then there was about 8 inches of snow all around southern Ontario, its great. however, now it has all melted, its like 15 degrees outside, its so warm, I wore my flip flops to shoppers drug mart, so later this afternoon, there should be more pics on flickr. tonight I am going to a gym with my cousin, we are going to learn how to do flips and stuff, its going to be sweet.
I went to an english church yesterday, Holy Transfiguration Antiochian church, and it was good. They conscripted me into the choir, since it is very small and they are having some transitional moments, their choir director just had to stop being a choir director, he is a bit ill. So, saturday night I helped out, and then on sunday morning, Fr. Polycarp pointed me to the choir, which was fine. though, as tenor, it was a bit trying to sing the Ison the whole time. oh well. Its still great to be at an english church. as well, some of the people in the church have given me a few odd jobs, which is sweet. I helped a guy I know move, and then he took me and my buddy out for dinner, it was good.
I will start writing my papers today, so excited. dostoevsky and Fr. Schmemann.

I think I hate TV. there are good films out there for sure, but having it on all the time, its so distracting. I need to go upstairs so I can read and concentrate.

I often think about clever things to say here, to provoke thought etc, but...its all dissappeared right now. maybe later.

time for dostoevsky.


cathedral dweller said...


May God grant you safe travels back to BC.

I read some of the "The Beauty of the Infinite." That guy is one smart so-and-so. I read a part near the back of the book called "The Gift that Exceeds all Debts" or something like that and it was awesome. He has things to say about the world and God's presence in his creation that is absolutely dazzling. Fr. John Jillions recently went to a American Academy of Religion conference in Philadelphia at which he heard Trevor Hart speak. The little session on his work was attended by over 100 people, mostly Catholic and Protestant. The criticisms sound like standard criticisms leveled against Orthodoxy - "you don't give enough attention to the deforming effects of sin on humans and creation," "you don't take the tragedy of the cross seriously." It really sounds as though his critics want to live in a tragic universe governed by the laws of a fatalistic (or necessary) economic exchange in which God himself is implicated in the necessity of the violent of the cross and of life itself. In other words, creation is not good and transfiguration is not possible in this life. Anyhow, rant rant. He has a lot to say about tragedy. Should be helpful for your thesis.

Hope all is well.

Matthew Francis said...

Hey there Dave, hey there Matthew.
It's the other Matthew here. Are Trevor Hart and David B. Hart related at all? As in brothers or something? Just wondering. You'd think that perhaps they were trying to establish some new Torrance-like theological dynasty.

A friend of mine also attended the AAR and was raving (postively)about David B Hart. I've been sort of coveting "Beauty of the Infinite" the last while... hope to pick it up or perhaps be "gifted" with it at Christmastime!

Also, do either of you know anything of what's happening out there with younger people in our parishes (i.e. 'youth' or 'young adults'). Just wondering as I'm helping out Fr. Richard with trying build some frienships and connections 'cross Canada.

Feel free to email me at matthew.francis@shaw.ca if you know of anything or any people to get in touch with out in Ontario or farther east.

Thanks guys!

elizabeth said...
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Stacy said...

I don't know that all of your clever wisdom has disappeared. I sort of think that "I think I hate TV" is rather wise.


elizabeth said...

i agree, no tv is the best. :)

i emailed the priest at my london church... the choir director is ill; i am glad you posted that; i would not of known; now i can pray...

cathedral dweller said...

Matthew - sorry, i ment to say David Bentley Hart. I don't know why I said Trevor. I think once vaguely knew a Trevor Hart.

Anyhow, I recommend reading "The Beauty of the Infinite." It's a demanding book but if it's language that your familiar with, it will redeem a whole sector of thought and Western academic expression in a way that most Orthodox theologians have not yet been able to do.

Matthew Francis said...

Trevor Hart teaches theology at St. Andrew's University in Scotland... (where I have been hoping and planning to study for several years).