I keep on forgetting this great Idea I have to write here, I am sure it will come back.

In the meantime, its story time. today, I went to a flea market that is totally closed, but still has a whole pile of junk outside, and I poked around.
I also met five rabbits, who were busy trying to mate with each other, and one poor rabbit kept on getting confused as to which end of the other rabbit was which. it was sad and humourous. in a beavis and butthead sort of way.

then i went shopping and bought some chips to eat whilst I watch the canucks wallop the flames tonight. I like hockey.

rather, I am going to listen to it on the radio. that blessed invention, the 'intraweb' as we call it, perhaps you have heard of it.

anyways. That thing Mira was talking about sounded Uber cool, and I will have to do my best to not get sucked into hanging out on the island, thats what we need in vancouver, a donated storefront. hmmmm...

we'll see.

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