Helpful hints for those of us learning to fast, Jessica posted this on my other blog,

1. You need your B's. These are very important. They keep you from feeling down.
However, they are found mainly in animal products and brewers yeast (think beer- but only on non-fasting days). I recommend Vegemite. Oh vegemite... how I love you. In fact, I'm eating it right now spread on toast. Flavor soups, make gravy, spread thinly on bread...the possibilites are endless. Marmite is the same thing only British.

B. Lentils: Fast, cheap, nutrition powerhouse. They've got B vitamins, iron and protein in good quantities. Make curries, soups, even burgers. A little go a long way.

3. If you miss cheese this is what I use to subsitute parmesean: yeast flakes and raw almonds. Toss in a blender and grind to a powder. Pinch of salt. It doesn't melt but tricks the taste buds and pleases your colon (cow milk cheese is hard on it).

4. Since you are going without oils/fats sprinkle flax seed on everything (this is what I did for racing to make sure I was getting the right fats on a low-fat vegan diet). Put some in a soy-milk smoothy, sprinkle on salad or any vegetable sidedish, put in pancakes, hot cereal, yada, yada, yada. It's got good omega fatty acids. You need those.

5. One word: Seitan.(google it to find out what it is, its amazing, very meat-like) though I know part of the idea is to learn to be hungry, this is still helpful at times.


today I visited my grandmothers grave. It was beautiful, there was a cedar tree growing out of it. I plucked a small bit to bring home to my Dad, and an even smaller bit for myself. Experiencing orthodoxy has given me a context for the need to connect physically with things, places, experiences and moments. Everything is Holy, including the tree growing from where my grandma rests. And orthodox of not, people talk to their loved ones when they are at graveyards, but my understanding of the Kingdom of God and the saints allows me to do that, but with the knowledge that it is not something I have to question, but its what we do. we talk to people who are not here, but with God. Graham posted today about funerals and death, and I read it just before I left. It was interesting timing. as well, Memory Eternal for Elizabeth's grandpa who is newly departed. memory eternal.

the sun is shining now, it will snow again I am sure.

pax in terra


Matthew Francis said...

I don't know-oh... "Seitan" sounds vaguely diabolical. But also strangely delicious...

elizabeth said...

thank you.