Grandpa pt 2

now I understand why I am such a blog nerd. thank you.

here is a bit of an update. I spent some time with my Grandpa after the difficult moment, it was so strange I scarcely believe it. thats really cool that your Dad comes to church with you corie.
anyways, it was very strange, but I saw my Grandpa again, and we even went for a walk, and it was as though he had decided to ignore it, perhaps my aunt had told him to not bother with it, or something. I don't really know what to make of it, it was like a strange nightmare. anyways. thank you.

I know that he can;t really understand it, and I know its because he has spent his life loving God in a particular way, I cherish his faith, because it is so much a part of why I am where I am.

It is really sad though to know that such a beautiful thing causes so much pain. and this is not the first time it has caused division and pain. oddly enough my parents, while not terribly comfortbale with it, they have visited a few times, enough to know it is Christ centred, which I guess is their concern.

my mom thinks it has too much stuff added on. anyways. I didn't want to leave it at that, such a hard moment with no end to the story. It is still sad, but it was made more comfortable, and the five year old in me that remembers fishing with Grandpa is satiated by that. the twenty five year old will pray and think. and go to church, and know that it is love that worried him.

thank you for your words. it has been an interesting week.

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