I remembered it.

My new favourite magazine is GQ. yup. they usually have one really great article about something to do with christianity and american culture, and they are often written so honestly and fairly that it is surprising. very well done. thanks GQ.
Today I read about an attorney general who is thoughtful, articulate, and is interested in the rhetoric surrounding the abortion debate. it was great.


Stacy said...

Where is the attorney general from? :)

Matthew Francis said...

When the covers are not totally sleazy, I buy and read "Vanity Fair" pretty much cover to cover. It's extremely well written stuff by people like Hitchens, Michael Wolff, et al. I don't always like what they have to say, but, MAN - they say it well.

thomasw said...

ah, matthew so you do go for style over substance :P

Matthew Francis said...

I guess so, Thomas... I'll admit I've been prone to read Nabokov on planes, too. "Pale Fire" is hilarious.

kimberley said...

you're showing off matthew. nabakov. c'mon?

okay i just checked the references and Pale Fire does look incredibly narcissistic and bizarre. I concede.