flippin 'eck,

So, I just had so much fun. I went to a gymnastics gym with my cousin, and it was SO RAD! it was funny, there were a bunch of young hoodlums learning how to do free running, which is like snowboarding or skateboarding but without any wheels, just running and jumping over things. I used to do that like/my goodness, I was 15 years old ten years ago. that makes me feel so freaking old. dang./ yes, I did it when I was in high school. practicing for snowboarding. but I also learned how to consistently do flips, backwards and forwards. I think when I go home I want to take gymnastics lessons. do they have adult gymnastics classes? it might be a little awkward if I had to line up next to a bunch of five year old kids to practice tumbling. maybe just doing it at the gym on an open gym night like tonight. it was sweet. but it was funny, we listened to fall out boy, and it was mostly a bunch of teenagers, all guys, learning how to flip and run up walls, and do cartwheels and round offs and stuff. it was great fun. I didn't get that much work done today, but tomorrow, tomorrow I will. more of the russian monk to come. it is so windy tonight, I love intense weather. yes. it was so fun. I will be sore tomorrow no doubt.

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