Dave Matthews Band song 'bartender' is playing, comforting I think. I will be going down south this weekend, Ed, if you are reading this, I will email you with my planned schedule, I think friday night I will be around...still snowing down there?
anyways. I was at church this morning, and at the beginning of church, there were twelve of us there, by the end maybe 40 or 50 including the kids. finally I got to go up for eucharist with some adults. four old ladies were right behind me, which was cool. I guess advent and all. It certainly is advent. it has been a rich week, and they usually are, but not so often is there so much about life and death going on. song lyrics "I'm on bended knee, oh bartender please, I'm on bended knees, oh father please" "fill my glass for me with the wine you gave Jesus after three days in the ground"
and then one of the most heart wrenching, wrending improvisations, including soaring vocals that have no words, expressing what words cannot, a cry for God so dionysian and so honest, so lost and so full of hurt, so needy of the divine wine.
anyways. I am a bit tired today. still reading Annie Dillard, but preparing a lecture on the evangelical response to pluralism, really reacting to a book that is so hard to read. hard because it is so full of emotional rhetoric, and because the author doesn't seem to understand her worldview, and that really makes her susceptible to being seduced by the 'religiousity' or holiness of a city like Banaras (subtitle is "from bozeman to banaras"
anyways. I have some friends coming over for the night, its my friend Robyn's Birthday, her and Tee Jay are coming over and we will have a brew or two in honour of it being sunday, and Robyn's birthday. it will be cool, but I still miss last year's advent sunday feasts. make sure you carry it on out there in the west!

peace and geese.


Anonymous said...

The snow has melted, but more is coming supposedly by the weekend, like beginning on Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing you again. I wait for you email.

Take care and see you friday.

Simply Victoria said...

you'll get no argument from me about any dmb song you want to rave about. i'm with you all the way.
next time you see them at the gorge, hop on over to fr.gregory's church in coeur d'alene for a visit. it's well worth the 3.5 hour drive. (plus there's an awesome 6-flags there too!)

Matthew Francis said...

Annie Dillard is awesome. I like Dave Matthews too! Dillard's "Tickets for a Prayer Wheel" is perhaps my favourite modern poem... it's about learning to pray. Amazing stuff. "Holy the Firm" is amazing.

Simply Victoria said...

she also has a wonderful short story, i think it's called "an eclipse", or "viewing an eclipse" or something.
I just remember it was so beautifully and lyrically written.
she is one of those gifted writers who can write poetic prose. I love it.

thomasw said...

i am lukewarm on dave matthews, but my wife is a fan of some of it. if i am going to listen to non-classical music, i like it to come with more bite. give me led zeppelin or the violent femmes, give me dylan, neil young or the man in black, and give them to me raw and with a few ales. yes, i am the manly wildman:)