Ah, le nord. J'aime le frois. NON!

today, there is a freezing rain warning. its cold here. I would rather be in siberia where it is snowing apparently. give me snow, or give me sun. yeah, and I can't wait to get back to Vancouver. ha.

today I have to find my neitzsche photocopies and read read read. Nietzsche is one of my favourites.

I am listening to the Stichera of the last kiss. It's beautiful. what am I going to eat. chips, salsa and hummous. hummus. houmus. how do you spell this word? I guess maybe it doesn't matter. maybe it's with a U if you are from Canada.

I was watching the price is right, and part of the showcase was a trip to 'Exciting Canada!" it was really funny to hear that. who wins a trip to 'Canada' ? this is the second biggest country on the planet, you would think they would be a little more specific. they were, it was 6 days at whistler, the most expensive place in the world, well, in my world. Aspen for Canadians. Prince Charles sometimes hangs there. oh the Royals.

Et aussi, Je pense que j'avais besoin d'un piece de francais dans mon blog, par ce que j'avais un examen francais plus tard pour mon ecole, et donc Je desire pratique mon francais. particulairement mon vocabulaire. s'il vous plait, aidez mois appris le francais plus bon pour mon examen, si vous comprenez que Je dit ici. bon, merci.

ah, et aussi, cette annee, J'aime l'hockey bien, mon canucks son le mieux


Magdalen said...

yup, I understood most of your french. You want to write some french in your blog because you have a french exam coming up, and you want to practice, especially your vocabulary. Oh, and you love hockey.
I'm loving hockey more and more, since I got to split the hockey pool winnings with Holly last week. A whole $17!! woot!

biss said...

Yuck. I hate cold. I just dug out all our winter stuff, and packed ALL that i could find. I am ready for the white witch...I think I packed four jackets. I believe in layers.
And now....I am off!!!
I'll be back online next week.

Paul said...

Tu dois apprendre de ne pas utiliser les verbes imparfaits comme "aujourd'hui j'avais besoin" (today I had needed) quand c'est claire que tu veux dire "aujourd'hui j'ai besoin" (today I need)... c'est le present et c'est plus simple. K.I.S.S.

Aussi, Biss t'echoeurerait (I don't know if that's a verb) pour avoir dit "help me learned [sic] french more good...". Plutot, dit, "aidez moi a (with obtuse accent) ameliorer ("to improve") mon francais pour mon examen."


"Et aussi, je pense que j'ai besoin (or "je pensais que j'avais besoin") de quelqu mots francais dans mon blog, parce que j'ai un examen en francais bientot pour l'ecole, et donc je VEUX le pratiquer. ...Particulierement mon vocabulaire. S'il vous plait, aidez moi a ameliorer mon francais pour l'examen, si vous comprenez ce que je viens de dire. Bon, merci. Ah, et aussi, cette annee, j'aime bien l'hockey; mes Canucks sont les meilleurs.

Paul said...



"quelques mots"

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