wet cote

I have had a beautiful two weeks in the west, and now I go back to the cold north.
Christo and Erica are now wed, as are Biss and Phil, Many years to all involved. It was great to see so many people from two generations of TWU folk.

I am going to the greek church this sunday. its all in greek. I can't wait to go back home already. so many people on the west coast I can't wait to see.

I got a full refund for the crappy vonage service that never worked. I have some friends and family who it works for, but not for me. I will try again when I get back home.


remember when we were in oregon, and couldn't get modest mouse out of our head?
the beach was beautiful, a million unique grains of sand, but they are only grains of sand because they are together. apart, they would be part of dirt or dust.
the ocean, big and cold and louder than the sun.


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