ah yes. the home of shania twain. what an honour to be here. not really.
but I might get to see some of the trees I planted three years or four years ago. I also may go and look at junk shops and used books stores. after I manipulate my thesis a bit.

It is good to be here and talk with the Bendell family. I think I am even more open now than I was before to hearing about certain things in different churches. When Tim tells me about healing happening at his church, I believe it because I have heard stories like that about saints that are more believable than the things I used to hear about the toronto vineyard etc, but maybe what it is is maturity? I don't know. But hearing the way Ted and Peggy talk about church and God is a good thing. I like talking about God and church. I think for a while I may just listen though. or try. and of course here I might have to eat some poutine.

Graham, the son who passed away recently left some scotch unconsumed. His brother and I will have some of it tonight in his memory.

whoever reads this before church tonight, after vespers ask to pray for the recently departed Graham Bendell. and of course for sick Dan. poor dan, always sick.

I just had some interesting ideas. wait and see...

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Graves said...

Still is my prayers, and by "sick Dan" do you mean our Dan? Like "Dan, Graham, Jesse" Dan?