okay. So I finally finished my thesis proposal, if you would like to see it, email me, and I will send it. its the 7th version.

and I didn't go to an orthodox church today, it was interesting. It was plymouth brethren. I was almost scared because though they treat communion with silence and respect, they each handed it around, which I know I have experienced, and I know it is a symbol, but being so used to treating the body and blood so carefully, it made me nervous when it came so close to me. not in a bad way I don't think. It was nice to be there, I saw people I knew from before.

I changed the oil on st. herman's taxi, it was needed.I am driving home tomorrow, well, back to sudbury.

I got a bursary! Thank you for your prayers, I will now survive financially until I get home it seems. and school is paid for for the rest of the school year. next semester too. so, that is good.

grace and peace.

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