well, my thesis is not quite what they need. amorphous and unclear I think are the words they used. hmmm. nose, meet grindstone.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I know what you're going through on your thesis. When I did mine, I got some those very same words. Good luck. You will come to a point where you will hate it because it will take most of your time. A thesis takes time to grow and then be born. By the time you give birth, you will become tired of it. Like birth, once it has been completed you can sit back with admiration and enjoy it as it grows and matures to the finish product.

Yes, nose meet grindstone is a must. As you progress often see your thesis advisor. Good luck buddy.

Matthew Francis said...

It's funny, while some fatigue a and paralysis set in while I was writing my MA thesis, by the end of it I just felt like I was only scratching the surface of a huge goldmine... it made me all the more anxious to keep on digging. Hard to believe that was almost five years ago! (taking some time to let in sink in...)

Have you got a title yet?

Stacy said...

I was so glad to have my first one over I wanted to kiss everyone I knew. Then, a few years later I re-read and realized it was all a bunch of self-grandized shit. I remembered the words of praise given by the review board, my peers, and my professors. Now I realize they didn't know any more than I did. We're all so full of ourselves and our own ideas.

That sure takes the pressure off the second one.

It's all about proving yourself....showing everyone-- mostly yourself--that you're capable of jumping through hoops and thinking critically.

Good luck.

The grindstone is not your enemy.