seattle and coffee

I am looking out over seattle, it is shrouded in cloud and fog, it comforts me when the weather is like this, I know it is backwards, but I think its because then I can wear wool and drink hot things and be comforted. maybe even a fireplace.

I am going to do lots of work today, a cultural reading of a coffee shop, and where better than seattle to do said research? fixing a fake bibliography, then my own, then my thesis.
Jessica comes in now and again to say hi, she works in an office in the backyard here.

There is a wedding on saturday. It will be good to see so many people from school ( I assume) at least the people that I know are coming are cool. I'm excited. I am actually a bit excited to go back to Ontario, I know that is weird, but I have not had enough time to myself lately. I love people, as many as possible all the time is the best way. crowds are my favourite, but I am learning I need to be quiet and alone a bit of the time.

I miss Fr. Gregory and the brothers. I forgot that we actually have FIVE english priests in the lower mainland. I guess if you count Gibsons.

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

oh, and look out for a new band coming out called Maryanna'a Trench. they are going to rock out in January, a couple of guys I know from high school.

on the other hand, I am not at all looking forward to missing St. Herman's until I get back in December. blast. I am so blessed by the people there. If any of you have never been there, go and check it out. I heard that a tenor I know. was interested in checking it out. do it! its so healthy and sane and cool, not to mention it has the potential for beautiful music. Speaking of music, I will have a link to the audio from Biss and Phil's wedding soon, so keep checking for that. okay.

enough ranting for nous.


Magdalen said...

who's 'nous' and why are they ranting? I'm assuming that 'nous' is you and a few others. Who are the others?
I'm feeling way too snarky for blogger today.

Ed Doerksen said...

Dave, we still have to meet sometime before you leave for December. I hope that we can connect sometime before we both get too busy.

Take care buddy, miss you and all the friends I made at Trinity.