ottawa pt 3

So. what did I already say. Oh yes, Father John scratch is the newest on my growing list of starets and staretsas. It was glorious to be with him and zeke and cheryl. I also had a chance to ask him some things on my own, and he was so gracious. sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even have some of the questions I do, not about orthodoxy necessarily, those I know are welcome. more about relationships, not that we can seperate ourselves into little boxes either, but for whatever reason, I feel like some of my questions are silly. but, then I know people like him and others are always welcoming, so I get to spout off, and sometimes its just a need to be listened to. or heard. and acknowledged? who knows.
boy was it fun.
then I went back to the LLC and spent some time with people I knew long ago, and some I knew more recently. some of us went to a club. yup. a night club. kind of a dumb way to end such a spiritually glowing day, but it was interesting and fun too. I had never been to one before. not like this. it was sad. like, zig's was sad, but it was so obvious. this one, the people seemed to be trying to dance, but it was so crowded, and people were drinking so much, and trying to impress each other. I don't get it. It made me wonder about the educational philosophy behind school dances. why are teachers teaching kids to go to clubs? maybe I was born old, but clubs seem like a dumb thing to do. so, I had a guinness in their little lounge downstairs, and then we moved on.

I got up after a good long sleep in, and then left for a leisurely drive home that included stopping somewhere in quebec to enjoy poutine and old brink architecture. I even listened to a story on cbc 1. I like Ontario, its a nice place to visit. Ottawa was pretty cool, and they have wonderful people at the parish there. I might get to see Fr. Lawrence there in three weeks, I hear he is coming for a meeting or something. that would be rad. one breath of fresh air (english orthodoxy) a month might let me survive. well, it will help anyways. and if I get to see Fr. John again, how rad.

the church had these amazing acoustics, (insert high pitched angelic choir a la simpsons here)
it was sweet. I put my books on the shelf tonight. they are hot. I think something is awry when I think books are hot. too long in the cold north.

I did get to talk to Jessica on saturday, it was really good to hear her voice.

I can't wait for advent, and to be back in vancouver. so excited! but I am also glad to be back in sudbury. I have work to do, and poutine has become my new hobby. for a while anyways. we'll see.

be well,

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Anonymous said...

nice to read your posting Dave. I can't say more as it some how touched my thoughts and inner being.

I miss good conversations where I am learning. I miss being able to talk to someone who is on the same wave length and is interested in hearing thougths and ideas, whether they are right or wrong.

At times I feel I am in an empty space, by myself. Good to read your thoughts and read you experiences.

Take care