ottawa pt 2

so, here I am in ottawa.
The cathedral was beautiful, the afternoon was beautiful. I spent it with Fr. John Scratch, a beautiful man. a priest monk. He was married, widowed, and was tonsured recently. the man beams. he glows like phil. only moreso, not to take away from phil, more a compliment.
anyways. we spent all afternoon talking, zeke and cheryl and fr. John. then, he gave us books. not one, not two. more than I can count. three grocery bags, carefully packed. schmemann, meyendorff, vladimir lossky, two volumes of the philokalia, some phrenology (weeee!), lutheran commentaries, a commentary on romans (not barth, sadly) Michael Whelton's book, Two paths, which Fr. said was excellent (!) Fr. Hopko's the lenten spring, wybrew's The orthodox liturgy. more books than I can imagine. zeke also got a huge stack of books. it was unbelievable. Fr. John said the bishop told him to get rid of his theology, and concentrate on the spiritual life, prayer etc. thanks vladkya! when I come home, all my rommates will salivate. I drool just thinking about it. time to go out, part three will be soon seen. it has been so fun being here. man. Many years Graham, welcome home!


biss said...

Sounds amazing!!!
I hope he saves some books for us!
We laugh with glee.

Anonymous said...

glad to see that your libruary is growing Dave. Soon you'll be caught up to me and pass me.

Now is the time to read, now is the time to take in what you have and savour the thoughts like drinking fine wine.

Good luck Dave.

Simply Victoria said...

i don't suppose you'd consider donating a few of those wonderful tomes to st.hermans impoverished little library would you? (wink.wink.nudge.nudge.) no pressure :)

Fr. Justin (Edward) said...

Wonderful! I'm salivating already! What a blessing!

BTW, you should be able to change the annoying sticky-out webring navigator to something more suitable now. Just log in with your site ID and password at http://www.orthodoxmission.org/2005/10/webrings.htm and get the new code!

Paul said...

BTW, did I ever thank you for your "welcome home" comment? Thank you.