orthodoxy, dostoevsky, laughing buddha and beer

So, last night, my "religion and modernity; the problem of evil" class went out the a pub called the laughing buddha, drank beer and talked about dostoevsky, God, free will, orthodoxy etc. It was so great. so great. we got there and they had radiohead on, then later it was arcade fire. so good. the discussion was really good too, this one guy and I had gotten into a pretty good argument in class about the old 'can we be good without God' thing, morality etc, and we were not upset, in fact enjoying the sparring I think, so we talked a little bit more about that too. but we also talked about orthodoxy, and how its so freeing because we are encouraged to make sure we ask lots of questions, so we know why we are doing what we do, why we believe what we believe. he was really keen. what a lame word, but I can;t think of a better one. he said a few times with this strange smile "I like that" because he has rejected his catholic upbringing, mainly on the basis that he was told he couldn't question it. I explained how ideologically, it was more freeing than any other church, or tradition I had ever experienced, while also making sure to tell them that the liturgy seems and is very rigid and formal, it is still freeing too. it was a great night. good discussion, and it seems as though there are some people here I can hang out with, and enjoy sudbury with. Sweet! it would be nice if there were other english speaking orthodox people, here, maybe a convert or two. but that would be hard I guess. maybe they need a mission here. who knows.

peace friends.


biss said...

Great to hear it!

Isn't thinking great?!? Astonishingly, now that I am done with all the preoccupying wedding planning, I feel like a complete braniac! I have rediscovered my philosophical muscles, and I LOVE them.
I really really want to revive philosophy group, or start (possible host?) a bookclub or something.
I think the first book I'd want to read for a bookclub might be "Marriage: An Orthodox Perspective" by John Meyendorff. Not only a great honeymoon read, but a great read for single but "looking/waiting/wondering" Orthodox too, I would imagine.
A quick read, but an important one. Lots of food for thought and fodder for discussion.
Read it.

Magdalen said...

I think 'keen' is a fantastic word. Honestly, it's one of my favourites.

'and now for something completely different'

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Dave. I miss the discussions and the expansion of ideas that one would have in a class or someplace to discuss topics of interest.

Wish I was there

Stacy said...

Oh what a fun and wonderful feeling to connect! How great! Good for you! Enjoy it all!

(I wonder how many sentences I can end with an exclamation point?! As if I'm that excited sitting here doing work![And working hard, too! Can't you tell?! I'm reading your blog! This is pathetic...I'm way too easily distracted! Focus, focus, focus...)

tyson said...
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pasivirta said...

by all means, the generalization about catholicism is false, it was a comment about a friend from school and his experience in grade school. He was told not to question his faith, and to just believe dogmatically.

as for the rest, I will get to them post-nap, and I will send your question directly to some authority types to see what they say, and then either agree, or interpret, or both.

good to hear you are back safe, it was great to see you guys for dinner. I am going to go and nap and call seattle. be well,