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I found out yesterday that I am giving a lecture in a fourth year religious studies class in november.

get this, its theme is an evangelical response to pluralism. But, what is so great is that the class is taught by a self-proclaimed pluralist. He is a united church guy who thinks that there are many ways to God, or spiritual experience, or whatever. I hope I can show that there is a difference between what Christ actually represents, and what this guy talks about. funny though that I get to give the evangelical perspective. I guess TWU helps with that.

Jessica and I broke up last week. I got an email from her today, it is good to hear from her. why, you ask? she is episcopalian, I am orthodox. she is a wonderful, zealous Christ filled woman, but our churches differ enough that to continue would become a constant debate, rather than a learning, self-sacrificing (in the healthy way) process. in any case, we are still in contact, so that is good. for all you talstra's and deklerks, moes, et-al, and whomever else it was mentioned to, don't forget the cabin possibility at New Years, snowshoes and all!

I had strange dreams last night. Jeff Martin ( an old friend, not the tea party guy) was there, it was weird. and Jamesmoes was telling me about a meeting with Dr. Snider. how did it go? did it?

I will not get to go to the orthodox young adult retreat in Edmonton this fall, but it sounds like it is going to be so cool. Fr. John Hainsworth is a great speaker, a lot of fun too.

He and I talked about doing a hiking/camping trip next year with 12 young orthodox, calling it the group of twelve, an intense learning experience. body and soul.



Matthew Francis said...

Sign me up for the group of 12!

Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

That book I mentioned, "Beauty of the Infinite" is a great resource against pluralism. Also, there's a short article in First Things Journal about Orthodox belief being inclusionist but not pluralist. I'll see if I can find it. It's in a recent issue.

Anyway, good luck with your paper.

pasivirta said...

first things is my favourite! that sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dave. You have a tough assignment there but I know you'll come through it okay.

Take care buddy, you can do it.

RW said...

You are in our prayers - may our Good Lord give you grace and wisdom.

glad to find your blog.

RW said...

you are in our prayers. may the Good Lord give you peace and wisdom.


Paul said...

I miss Jeff Martin.