Many Years!

Many years to the newly married Biss and Phil, I am honored to be called friend.

I am in the library at TWU, and I am frustrated by Laurentian's library system, and how I have three different formats for my bibliography. lame.
I had a most beautiful weekend at church. Confession is the most beautiful thing in the world.
weddings are nice too, two beautiful people got married yesterday, they had gorgeous red capes over their white clothing. wonderful. very appropriate. I recorded the choir, it was good too, the recording will reveal some moments that were less than perfect, but thats life right?
I am going to seattle tomorrow night, It is good to talk to Jessica about church, we learn a lot from each other. The episcopal church is similar, yet still very protestant, but it has beauty and truth too.

I had a great discussion with Fr. Michael today, I am blessed to know four priests, three in my own small church of 150, and Fr. Michael at nearby Holy Nativity. I ate lunch and he taught me and talked to me, it was great. He is wise, as are most people with any sort of age advantage, and a cassock sometimes helps too.

I don't know what tomorrow is, but it is peaceful. Its nice to be here on the west coast again, its strange though. back to Ontario next week. bizarre. so much travelling. a blessing, yes, but its hard to concentrate on school.

I also got to see some old friends from TWU, we spent time together in street evangelism, what a strange and good thing to have been a part of.

back to work.please pray for my friends matthew and hilary, for mercy and peace.


tyson said...

Hey David. (and congrats as well to biss and phil, of whom I know but have no contact). It was great to connect when we were both in the same neck of the woods, and it is crazy to think it could be years before the opportunity presents itself again.

I enjoyed your observations on wisdom seeming to come in age (thought the cassock I think is irrelavent ;). I can recall now the two wisest souls I have had as teachers, one a Catholic priest, the other a homeless Hutterite. It goes to challenge our youthful zeal in thinking we have answers, and challenge us to ask and listen more than answer and speak. It is likewise why we cannot be so sure of our commitments now, most of which are bound towards change if we continue to grow at all.

It was also nice to visit and meet Jessica, and I am thoroughly glad she is not orthodox :) !! You are bound to find that in an honest relationship built on love, when such a difference exists, it is to the better rather than the worse. It shall undoubtedly help you both see through the trees of doctrine, and even the forest of religion, to Life itself. Best hopes and prayers for you both!

Peace and Love,


Magdalen said...

4. Yup, you used the word 'beautiful' or some similar variation of it 4 times in describing your weekend here. So, did you perhaps have a good time? *grin*. ah well, 'beautiful' is in your blog title, i guess it's safe to assume you like that word.
and now i'm just being snarky. but then, you knew that about me.
stay well