freedom in the brothers K

Dostoevsky and the nature of freedom in the Brothers K, chapter five. The Grand Inquisitor.

He talks about how if Jesus had decided to give in to the first temptation the devil offered him, that he would be taking away man's freedom by coercing them into following and loving him. I don't quite understand, but that is why I am writing.
If Jesus were to turn stones into bread, we would follow him, so we would be full? but, because we are not full on account of constant miracles, and rather we have to work for food and are free to choose Jesus whether or not we have food, because that is now our own choice(food-work{largely})

one more time. If Jesus fed us all the time, we would love him conditionally, because he feeds us. if we are hungry, and we still choose Him, we are then choosing to love and serve and trust Him out of our freedom, because our motives are not clouded by material things? and then because we trust Him freely, we know that in His love for us he will not let us go hungry, like the birds of the air in Matt. 6.

incidentally, Dostoevsky also uncovers the meaning of life. to have something to live for. (just in case you were wondering) see chapter five. in my little grand inquisitor book, its page 27.

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