electronic neighbourhood

discussion, while good and sometimes fun, is not always love, and does not always reveal God. Love does. Tyson and I discussed this recently via email. of course a discussion. ha.

even my Dad reads this blog sometimes. Hi Dad! though for the amount of hits we had today, I am surprised there was only one comment, well two, but then again I am not surprised. It didn't need much else.

I sat in the sauna today. it was glorious. it snowed a bit in the morning. I worked on my thesis proposal all day in between obsessive email checking and blog reading. when I have the energy I will put it up here on my blog so it can become our next topic of discussion in the electronic version of the thursday night group. it is a little less, though not much, controversial. it is about art and worship in the church.

I am currently listening to neighborhood #1 by arcade fire. I like it. they are weird, but good.

I made greek salad and butter chicken today. hooray for thursdays. I don't know when I will eat it all, there is so much, so I will bring it to timmins. I am hoping to get a bursary tomorrow, so pray for my daily bread please!

and pray for the family I am going to visit. they have lost two of their four sons. one took his own life, and the other reposed in september from cancer.
I lived with them both summers I spent in timmins treeplanting.

well, I must say, I appreciate all of the new st. herman's bloggers out there, its not like being at home, but it sure is nice to hear about your life while I am away from you all. I appreciate all my old blogger friends too, like those in south america and elsewhere, but there is such a huge new crop from church. something like five this week? KF, Qjesse, Victoria, the W's (though they may not be new..) Mira, anyways. its cool. keep it up. I know blogging is kind of a strange thing, but it can be a good thing I think. like Krista francis said, it takes time, and Qjesse said, with prayer and caution, and I will add, just like the rest of life. I guess because its a screen it is easy to forget that it is humans we are dealing with. we need more photos! right.
and mercy.

Lord have mercy.


Ed Doerksen said...

Dave I've enjoyed reading your postings and those of your friends. The electronic age has opened a lot of doors for people.

I enjoyed the comments posted by your friends. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my views.

Anyways good luck in Timmins, and I hope you get your bursary.

Take care my friend.

Stacy said...

What's butter chicken?

Kai said...

And David, some people just hit and run.... :-)
Sauna? mmmmh not a bad idea, not bad at all....

kimberley said...

butter chicken is pure goodeness stacy. it's cooked chicken breast, in a savory tandoori tomato sauce. look up tandoori in your yellow pages and go and try it.

you might soon become an afficinado of butter chicken. it's almost too good to have it just once.

i'd recommend a nice garlic naan and a mango lassi to go with.

kimberley said...

kai! ah hah! of any of us, you've got a blog in you. c'mon brother. let's have it.

madam lerche needs one too!

Kai said...

But Kim, I have a blog already. It's just not inside me, but on top. It's called a blog-head. Just ask Madam Lerche...;-)

kimberley said...

oh kai.

pasivirta said...

yes, butter chicken is great, like kim said. Ed, I think you are fine, no offense from simcoe.
Kai! its great to see you here, I almost forgot that you even kept tabs when I was at zig's! ha. I don't go there anymore.
indeed, blog-head. you are orthodox aren't you.

Graves said...

Hello friend, peace be with you. I am the most content person on the planet right now.
Lord have mercy on your friends, I will pray for them and ask Fr. Sebastien to remember them at Mass tomorrow. I am still in awe of this mercy I have known my whole life: I can offer up prayer and God hears and answers. Love and Peace Dave, be well.

Kai said...

Aaaah Kim..... :-)
Yes David, I keep tabs and know EVERYTHING!
Orthodox? You've got it. I couldn't be any more blog-headed here.... :-)
We had a great men's breakfast this evening (yes that's right. This is the West Coast and we do things our way) at Thomas' home in Fort Langley... nice beer samples as well. But no butter chicken, it's Friday after all. Do they have beer in Ontario?

Matthew Francis said...

I put a link to a butter chicken recipe over on Victoria's blog... and I'm going to try it out tommorrow for our "Young Adults" gathering at Krista's parents' house for all us twentythirtysomethings from St. Herman's in Edmonton. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm totally looking forward to making it. Any tips, Dave?