being orthodox

Phil wrote this. I hope one day to be articulate like this.

I became Orthodox because I want to be right. No really. I want to be right.

The "right" opinion, the "right" dogma, the "right" church, the "right" practice
are all very well, but they are meaningless if they don't change my very being. They become, as the apostle Paul would say, "nothing" or at best "clanging cymbals". I suppose that makes them secondary. On the other hand, when I begin to seek to change my own being they actually begin to matter.

What I believe, what I do and who I do it with affects everything.

Orthodoxy teaches me the way to be in right relation to God, the Universe and
everything. By reading, study, prayer and experience I have become convinced it
is the way of the apostles, martyrs, church fathers, desert fathers (and mothers, for that matter), and of uncounted holy people for the last 20 centuries.

Are there other ways to relate to Christ? Sure. Is my way better? Nope. I suck. But Orthodoxy is not my way. I know it works, so I think I'll stick with it. If someone thinks he or she can invent a better way, more power to them, I guess. After all, if they are serving God, who am I to "judge the servant of another"?

As a friend of mine once said after a penetrating but loving and peaceable
conversation on a similar topic, "I guess it will be an interesting experiment. Why don't we get together again in 30 years and see how our paths have changed us."


Thank you Phil.


Ed Doerksen said...

good posting. Thanks

tyson said...
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RW said...

I appreciated those words from Phil. I am Orthodox because this is where I am called to be. This is my journey and my struggle - the battle for my soul is on and Orthodoxy gives me the weapons/ tools/ wisdom to fight the good fight... gosh I almost sound a bit like Thomas.... but ultimately Jesus is at the centre and that is where I need to focus.