well. last night I went out with some people from school and experienced a few firsts. I went to a gay bar for the first time. I went to karaoke for the first time. just to clarify, no. I do not sing karaoke. well, at least not there. I suppose under the right circumstances, like maybe endaroke in seattle, that would be less cheesy I think, or if I was there with people I knew really well.

It was funny. I went in, and there were like five guys huddled around the bar, a bartender, and no one in sight. so the bartender asks if its my first time there, and I said yes, kind of letting things happen as they may, and he introduces me to the guys at the bar, and I talk in a very burly, don't-touch-me kind of voice, but whatever, I met them, and then I mentioned that I was meeting some people from school there. Oh yeah, its not a 'gay bar' like celebrities in vancouver or anything, its more like a safe place to be with whoever, including all your gay friends. and I guess it is the safe place to meet people to sleep with. I don't know, its such a foreign land. anyways, I made sure it was clear I wasn't just checking the place out because I was curious.

I got a beer and sat down with the girl I know from school, and she walks me around on a tour, as if she is so proud of her bar, which was weird, I thought, but it reminded me of how I am when people come to church with me. so whatever. it was funny, one other person from our program showed up. oh yeah, it was supposed to be a get together for the people in our program, but only three of us were there, so it was us and this girl's friends. they were...I don't know. this one guy talked about how they are all only friends because no one else wants to be their friends and they don't even like each other. He also talked about how strippers are good because they are a known quantity, and how when he goes on dates and buys dinner, he expects sexual favours, as if he dates prostitutes or something. and he laughed. it made me sad. I couldn't believe people live like this. it was their church. they meet, sing for each other, mistake common disdain for love and think that they have friends. I mean, they do have friends, but boy what a strange way to connect. dang.

so, is that really where He would be hanging out? I mean these folks don't think they need anything. It seemed that He ignored the people who didn't think they needed anything, like the pharisees etc, and hung with the people who knew their spiritual poverty. It wasn't some sort of grand mission thing, sort of an adventure though too. but I wonder. I mean, I think we need to be friends with crazy people like this, but maybe not on my own? in a community?

the priest at my greek church doesn't seem to speak too much english. sad.

in other news, I got a vonage pap2 phone adapter, and I hate it, because it doesn't work. It is such a pain in my arse.

I am going to take my bike in to the shop for a tune up, there was a bear in the yard just before I got home last night.

I talked to Jessica last night. I get to see her in less than a week now, I am SO excited.

I got 80% on my first grad level presentation, I get another mark today, so we'll see if I did any better, I think todays mark should be better, it was in my mind a better presentation.

and I get to come home and see many others of you. come to St. Herman's on saturday night, Oct 1st or Sunday morning Oct 2nd and we can all hang out and eat lunch afterwards. peace.

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Anonymous said...

Well Dave, welcome to Ontario's night life as it were. Most places are like that and the attitude is very similar. This of course is not to say that all bars are like this, nor is it say that only Ontario has this atmosphere. You appeared to have stepped out of your envelope and into another, count it as part of your education.

I used to tell classmates in Bible College that if they want to get to know the other side of the tarcks for ministry purposes, join the auxillery police in their local police services.

While we strive to exist in the "positive or precieved positive" aspects of society, we often forget the negetive side and how big it really is.

Street evangelism is a part of it. There is so much more that no one sees or just ignores and you stepped into just another avenue.

Hope to see you sometime buddy. would love to talk to you again.