west coast...

I have my ticket for the west coast! I merely have to get from here to detroit, which, while not that far, still poses a challenge. I may not have my car, but I think if I give myself enough time, I can do it with my thumb, and if that fails, I will still have enough time to go back and get a bus down south.

I had one presentation last night, one more tonight, its almost ready, I just have to tweak it a bit.

I saw Andrew's blog recently about rentersweek, and he has a pic on there of himself that looks slightly odd. Either its the compression, or he messed with it to make his eyes look strange. anyways.

Its really very strange to be out here and to think of myself as a part of a church community. I am not really, my church attendance is almost utilitarian, so far anyways. The people were nice, friendly and welcoming, but its not the same as being at home. I guess because I have friends that are old at st. herman's and those who I know only from church are willing to be known fairly well.

Soon I will see my church family again, I can't wait.

I am on my way to school to meet with my thesis advisor, very exciting. I am not hungry, but I know I need to eat, so I am going to try and wait a while to eat. Its my mom's birthday coming up soon, the 17th, the same day system of a down plays in vancouver, maybe I should get her tickets. right.

Oh, and I have been honoured by being asked to be a groomsman in the wedding on october 8th in seattle area, so that makes my trip even more worthwhile. how cool is that? such an honour, so I gotta get my fat butt measured and put in a tux. they are all being rented for us, which is kind of cool. It sounds like its going to be a good time, its on lopez island.



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