I LOVE SCHOOL! it is so rad. my school is so cool, that all the chairs in the library have a little thing so you can lean back on them and they won't break, how cool is that ?

and for anyone who knows Jon Butler, can you tell him to post here so I can find him? he has an essay whose bibliography I need to pillage...YARRRRR!!!!

I am going to go home now. and read some more. and call Jessica. I am not sufficiently caught up, but I have a good start on my bibliography for my thesis, which I may put up on a blog someday when I have enough of it, perhaps.

The theological and philosophical underpinnings of the shift from church to concert hall for the catholic mass in the early 19th Century.

love and peace or else!

oh, and the greek church was great! I mean, it was greek, they didn't take communion, but I did, with two coptic people. they were cool,and they liked my tattoo, which TOTALLY was way bigger than his, it was tiny, and his mom gave it to him when he was wee, like 2 years old or something. imagine. mina and yetu, such cool people.


Graves said...

love and peace friend.

biss said...

i am happy you have found energy and fun again

Matthew Francis said...

Your topic sounds very cool. I hadn't realized that this had been an issue for the Catholics too. There is a recent book "When the Church Became a Theatre" that treats the same issue withing 19th century American Protestantism. Pretty compelling stuff.

(hope the link works)

Magdalen said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself. always a good thing.
how was john cleese?
stay well.