Sauna, say it Sah-ooo-nah, not saw-na

Soooo. I have an amazing house to live in, with a sauna on the lake, thats "sow-naa" for the panda who eats, shoots and leaves. food, drink, even a pipe to smoke once in a blue moon, and I made thai hot coconut soup with a recipe from my lovely lady, who I can't wait to get back and see, and it was actually pretty good. hotter than I like, but I still liked the soup, I think it would be bad if it were any less hot. anyways. there is even an outdoor fireplace, a sweet hammock under cover outside, trees everywhere, the nearest neighbour is at least a mile away, and all this is good, but without anyone to share it with, its kind of lame. I mean, I don't really care about any of it, and I watched tv part of the day today. I mean, the simpsons is a good time investment anytime, and I had a good talk with my cousin today, but material things only have value if you can share them with people. otherwise, its empty and meaningless. I guess poverty could be meaningless too, if you didn't share it, I am pretty sure that it is the motive behind whatever it is you choose, or what drives you towards thankfulness or bitterness that matters. I suppose there are lots of people who don;t choose poverty. lots who do though.
and, while I do think TWU has issues, and I don't take back what I said earlier, I do want to make it clear that I love what I learned there, and many profs there. I just wish more people who would benefit from it, could go, despite their lack of taste in clothes, or their lack of funds to go.

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