sacramental eating, or un.

I think eating alone may be the most unsacramental act there is. maybe. I guess for monks though, hermits that is, it is sacramental, because everything they eat is a meal with God. I clearly do not see the world through eyes like that. maybe one day, but I don't want to eat alone anymore. I thank God for food, and for school, and books to read, but I want to be in seattle cooking with Jessica, or in aldergrove, listening to fun bickering roommates, or hearing somebody wax theological about evangelicalism and orthodoxy and the uncomfortable transition, mostly uncomfortable for those outside the transition, which makes it uncomfortable for those with friends like that, but love conquers all right?

tonight I am going to watch I heart huckabees, but really, I heart Jessica.


zeke said...

Dave, Dave, Dave. It's Zeke and it's been a while. I would have to agree with you about the eating alone thing. No fun. No fun at all. I loved your story about communing with the Copts in a Greek church. I met a priest the other week who used to serve the Greek parish you currently attend. His name is Father Luke. He's an awesome guy. Am I allowed to call a monk-priest "guy?" Anyhow, if you came to Ottawa for a weekend you could eat with us?! Eh?! You gotta come out here. It's great. The cathedral is awesome. It's an incredibly diverse parish full of Russians, Georgians, Indians, Romanian, francophones, anglophones and all kinds of things in between. Seriously though, you could stay with us because we are going to have a HUGE place for cheap. And you'll never guess where it is. It's in a small apartment complex ... attached to the church. in china town which seems to be more like vietnamese town. crazy. anyhow, look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

pasivirta said...

ZEKE! its so good to hear from you. that would be great. I will probably come down sometime in october, maybe on my way to conneticut. you wanna go to the yale library with me? I am not going for sure yet, but I only have four hours of class time a week, so a visit to ottawa is definetely in order. that is interesting that you met Fr. Luke, the people here are interesting, but fr. Christian, who is romanian and speaks better greek than english is nice, so that is cool. yeah, it will be good to see you in vancouver, when are you guys going there? I am flying to seattle on the 29th. I got a ticket out of detroit for two forty US roundtrip. anyways, I will come and eat with you sometime!