well, I am listening to liz janes, my hot girlfriend bought her cd, done gone fire, and its great. jessica is so rad. I really like her. really really.

sudbury is an interesting town. this program is interesting too, a girl in my class tried to tell me that the davinci code had all sorts of interesting background 'information'.

hmmm. despite not having read it, I know that I don't want to find my facts in novels, especially ones like that. might as well read left behind as truth. hmmm.

I am going to biss and phil's wedding. come hell or high water, I just paid my fees for the first term, I owed a grand total of $500 bucks, and for next semester, $300. and they are paying me monthly as well. how ridiculous. I mean, I love TWU, but for all the money floating around, you would think there would be some more scholarships or something. more TA's, more something.

what I mean by money is the students that go there. I think tuition should depend on how much money the person paying it makes. if dad is paying, and he is rich, he should pay more. if student is paying, and he is poor, he should pay less. I know I am too much of an idealist, but that is still who I am.

I may be the only one here who has a laptop, that surprised me. I thought all graduate students would have a laptop, and I have a car, that too seems a luxury. TWU is a different standard. everyone is good looking, everyone dresses well, everyone is happy. its nice and strange to be a part of reality. except there are not many cool coffee shops. inundated with tim hortons and greasy spoons. I want thai food. sad. no thai restaurants here.

seriously though, there is nothing like a new university to burst the bubble. I see TWU in such a different light now, I mean, I appreciate having many friends who take their education so seriously that many of us will do graduate degrees, and take them uber seriously, but many of my colleagues here are not really sure why they are doing the degree. it was nice to hear at least a few people who have good solid academic direction, PhD etc, art therapy, law school.

Apparently we all get money in the spring to work on our thesis. can you imagine? they are going to give me money so I don't have to work while I write! how awesome is that? very.

liz janes has such a cool voice. I am going to make hot coconut soup tonight. I think.

are we going winter camping for new years eve? lets! then the bears will come on and feel the illinoise!

and as far as church is concerned, they only do sunday morning liturgy, no vespers or anything. sad. we'll see how that works out, I visited two priests, and they seemed a little taken aback, but they both do some english in their services, so that is cool, and I live walking distance to the greek church, which is on a lake, its beautiful. there are three hundred lakes in this city. silly eh?

by your prayers,

much peace and love friends.

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