HA1 I laughed out loud. that was funny. no, no hermit permits being issued out here. we'll see though. in the meantime, I am making plans to fly to seattle for the wedding, its cheap as all get out as far as half continental flights go. I have petitioned a few friends for small loans, and that may do the trick.

as well. I read a book today, Candide, by Voltaire. I am excited, because its been ages since I read a book in a day, and because it was a great book. all about evil and the meaninglessness of it all. why couldn't we just read qoheleth? he says the same thing, though not as entertainingly. I had class tonight, and that made me excited about school, not only that, but get this. My prof for my religion and modernity class is anglican, and he has considered off and on converting to orthodoxy, so when I told him I had recently been baptised, he was very intrigued. he writes a lot about dostoevsky, and he knows about the way the enlightenment affected the church. I think that may have a lot to do with why I see no other way, because the western unconcsious assumptions about truth influence absolutely everything, including a lack of thinking on the part of way too many people. a church I was at on sunday, the worship leader, after leading a few songs, and half of the song in question said "now sing this as a prayer". which reminded me of why I don't go to churches like that, because, while he may not have intended to admit that he was performing (okay, unlikely) he basically assumed that the worship prior to that had not been prayerful. or something. anyways, just ranting now. all that to say, its not so lonely out here anymore. I still miss st. hermans and my family there, but I may survive. patience is a good thing, and so is waiting out my violent mood swings.

I get to read the book of Job and do a presentation on it next week. I will watch Jon cleese and learn how to start an argument. I am going to talk about theodicy. not the odyssey. nor adventures in odyssey.

so, though I am not so worried about school ( I am going to rock this class) I do wish I could drop by seattle a bit more, and langley too.

oh, and I think this link may interest a few of you, I have an idea for the church property and starting our little community, though I did not find this link, it was Jessica, how great is she?(very)


anyways. ideas, ideas. I think it would be cheaper to build them ourselves, but they look great, and what a good idea for our monastics to have a good, small, cell, close to the church! does anyone have the bishop's phone number? (kidding-today)

okay friends. peace and love (and thanks for reading)


Matthew Francis said...

Hi there David.

We haven't met, but we have some friends in common via St. Herman's, and I've been reading your blog for a while. Great stuff! Anyway, Bishop Seraphim's office phone number (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) is (613) 925-5226. His Grace's email is also available in the Messenger, I believe. I bet he would love to see that website. Those houses are awesome. Are they expensive? They look so cool... worth every penny. I would love to live in any one of those!

Magdalen said...

ha. well i'm glad i made you laugh, and that it's not quite so lonely out there. hang in there, you won't be there forever. Besides, I just spoke to the Hermit, and he's not permitting any hermit permits be permitted to non-hermits.
in other news, I'm trying to quit coffee. don't know why...
oh, and say hi to John Cleese won't you? cheers.