Today I don't actually relish the thought of
eternity, except when I realize that it is not spent alone, but with
all of our closest friends, the body of Christ, and some sort of
palatable version of God? or maybe we are made able to be in the
presence (localized?) of God without dying. I guess. you know what I
was wondering about the other day, you know how we have existential
questions, like why do we exist (that are often sufficiently answered
by God and the cross) and what is the meaning of it, and where did
existence originate etc, I mean, I don't wrestle with these questions
that often, but what about God, I wonder if he wonders where He came
from? sometimes I wonder where He came from. I guess he didn't, maybe
He was always there, but that is so strange it hurts my brain, like
when you enter a command the computer can only half finish. but people
always wonder why God created us, but doesn't Genesis say that Adam
was made to be God's friend, I don't mean equal, but companion. It
seems it would have been a lonely universe, especially compared to now
with the billions of people running around, God may not be
overwhelmed, but he certianly is not bored.he must hurt and laugh
non-stop. how intense, but when I think about life, and how it is so
beautiful, it is the joy and the sorrow that make it rich.


Kevin said...

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Graves said...

Friend, I love your mind, I think we should have that cup of tea while you figure out God. Just remember, three is the perfection of charity (love).

Oh, and some rad girl emailed me about rooming with her. She makes me smile.